Thursday, September 12, 2013

Choose summer camp in the easiest way possible

Summer camps are perfect place where a child learns about recreational activities and gets disciplined along with it. These camps are meant for the child so that he or she does not waste the entire summer and learn nothing. These camps include sports and other activities that help the growth of a child, physically and mentally. It is also a place to let your kids socialise and lead a productive life. Summer camps are for teenagers as well wherein they get to learn many forms of sports. 

Many programs that run in a summer camp include adventurous hiking, football, learning computer, roller blading, academic, travelling, weight loss exercises, tennis, art and crafts, nature expeditions, meditation, wildlife knowledge and much more. These camps aim for overall development and here the child gets to learn what he normally does not learn at school. There is day’s camp, sleep way camps and there are overnight camps. If one is comfortable sleeping at home only, then day camp is the right choice. While the summer camp has so many benefits, it gets hard to choose the summer camp that best suits you. With so many options, one does tend to get confused. This is where our website comes in. Summer Camp Advice enlists all the activities that are offered in America by nearly different 12,000 summer camps. 

So to choose a summer camp could not be easier. You just tons of options and we are here to enlist all of them for you.  You just have to select the camp that offers the activities you want to be a part of, and that is it.  We help you with the summer camp evaluation by giving the facts through camp videos.  We provide you with the contact details of camp, medical issues, the counselling staff and list of various programs running. So this way, you do not have to go through the hassle of searching for the summer camp all by yourself, assisting various sources. We believe in making your job easier and we give reliable information.  So to get in touch with us, contact us through

Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Camp Has A Special Value

Among the growing trends that summer camps offer are Grow your own food, Save the environment and Be in Nature. These are all retro terms that seem to be missing from our every day life.

Today “camp” means more than it did 100 years ago. Today it’s traditional camp and sports organizations, parks, museums, schools and colleges, dance troupes, arts centers, animal shelters, heritage groups and churches and synagogues computers, shopping, makeup and Lego Camps.

According to the American Camp Association is expecting another strong summer season. "It seems many families see value in the summer camp adventure. Although our children are heavily over scheduled summer camp provides that chance for children to just slow down and play and learn outside a class room," said Jeff Lorenz, Director of Swift Nature Camp in Wisconsin.

Parents today are coming to realize that children need to get weaned off their personal electronic devices. " With the growing concern of obesity, America is in the midst to reconnect to nature. At SNC we are electronics-free zone for kids and staff alike. We are truly living in the past,” said Jeff. 

Swift Nature Camp this summer has started a hydroponics garden. “We feel that often children don't understand how food gets to our table. At SNC, we focus in on spirit, mind and body and we feel that this connection helps kids better understand how important nature is to all of us." This is just a natural continuation of our science summer program

Today, kids are living in a 'concrete jungle,' always indoors or watching TV, and being online not really getting outside and appreciating nature. At Swift Nature Camp we believe, summer camp is all about being outside and reconnecting with nature, this can happen in many way from just playing in it , to actually taking classes in our Nature Center and learning about nature. However, what the children most enjoy at SNC is going on backpack and canoe trips, it is a way to learn about nature and yourself.

Summer Camps are remarkable at teaching kids life skills. Camp provides aa nurturing and child centered community, filled with human relationships. The outcome from these experiences is independence, responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, communication and leadership.

If you are just starting your search for a Summer Camp please visit Summer Camp Advice a wonderful website that will give a parent loads of information on how to find the best summer camp for your child.