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Contact Summer Camp Advisor for tips on how to find a suitable summer camp

Looking for an educational yet a fun summer camp can be a tough task to handle. In a good summer camp a child gets to learn different elements such as it discovers new things, make new friends, be independent, acquire new skills, increases the self confidence and many. If you cannot able to figure out How to pick a summer camp for your kid then there is no need to worry. By the extensive assistance of the Internet one can seek a huge line of suppliers who caters healthy, educational yet affordable summer camps information for kids.

However, Summer Camp Advisor is a reputed and a profound online firm who provides information to families in searching a good summer camp for their children. There are several types of creative camps that are organized for kids such as overnight camp, day camp, sports camp, teen travel camp, sleep away camp and many more. We are leading firm that assist you in providing the best suited summer camp experience for the child. Whereas, the kids summer camps USA offers fun and sports related activities which covers football, soccer, tennis, computer, rollerblading, hiking adventures, academics and traveling to name a few. For more content is gathering and related questions feel free to visit our online website and you will be responded in a short while

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Choose summer camp in the easiest way possible

Summer camps are perfect place where a child learns about recreational activities and gets disciplined along with it. These camps are meant for the child so that he or she does not waste the entire summer and learn nothing. These camps include sports and other activities that help the growth of a child, physically and mentally. It is also a place to let your kids socialise and lead a productive life. Summer camps are for teenagers as well wherein they get to learn many forms of sports. 

Many programs that run in a summer camp include adventurous hiking, football, learning computer, roller blading, academic, travelling, weight loss exercises, tennis, art and crafts, nature expeditions, meditation, wildlife knowledge and much more. These camps aim for overall development and here the child gets to learn what he normally does not learn at school. There is day’s camp, sleep way camps and there are overnight camps. If one is comfortable sleeping at home only, then day camp is the right choice. While the summer camp has so many benefits, it gets hard to choose the summer camp that best suits you. With so many options, one does tend to get confused. This is where our website comes in. Summer Camp Advice enlists all the activities that are offered in America by nearly different 12,000 summer camps. 

So to choose a summer camp could not be easier. You just tons of options and we are here to enlist all of them for you.  You just have to select the camp that offers the activities you want to be a part of, and that is it.  We help you with the summer camp evaluation by giving the facts through camp videos.  We provide you with the contact details of camp, medical issues, the counselling staff and list of various programs running. So this way, you do not have to go through the hassle of searching for the summer camp all by yourself, assisting various sources. We believe in making your job easier and we give reliable information.  So to get in touch with us, contact us through

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Summer Camp Has A Special Value

Among the growing trends that summer camps offer are Grow your own food, Save the environment and Be in Nature. These are all retro terms that seem to be missing from our every day life.

Today “camp” means more than it did 100 years ago. Today it’s traditional camp and sports organizations, parks, museums, schools and colleges, dance troupes, arts centers, animal shelters, heritage groups and churches and synagogues computers, shopping, makeup and Lego Camps.

According to the American Camp Association is expecting another strong summer season. "It seems many families see value in the summer camp adventure. Although our children are heavily over scheduled summer camp provides that chance for children to just slow down and play and learn outside a class room," said Jeff Lorenz, Director of Swift Nature Camp in Wisconsin.

Parents today are coming to realize that children need to get weaned off their personal electronic devices. " With the growing concern of obesity, America is in the midst to reconnect to nature. At SNC we are electronics-free zone for kids and staff alike. We are truly living in the past,” said Jeff. 

Swift Nature Camp this summer has started a hydroponics garden. “We feel that often children don't understand how food gets to our table. At SNC, we focus in on spirit, mind and body and we feel that this connection helps kids better understand how important nature is to all of us." This is just a natural continuation of our science summer program

Today, kids are living in a 'concrete jungle,' always indoors or watching TV, and being online not really getting outside and appreciating nature. At Swift Nature Camp we believe, summer camp is all about being outside and reconnecting with nature, this can happen in many way from just playing in it , to actually taking classes in our Nature Center and learning about nature. However, what the children most enjoy at SNC is going on backpack and canoe trips, it is a way to learn about nature and yourself.

Summer Camps are remarkable at teaching kids life skills. Camp provides aa nurturing and child centered community, filled with human relationships. The outcome from these experiences is independence, responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, communication and leadership.

If you are just starting your search for a Summer Camp please visit Summer Camp Advice a wonderful website that will give a parent loads of information on how to find the best summer camp for your child.

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Teach Your Child Responsibility

As parents we love our children and we want the best for them. Yet, what is our goal? As much as we love them its to get our kids out of the house. Yes, we need to launch them into the real world. In order to make this happen successfully we need to raise independent, self-sufficient human beings. Accomplishing this goal requires prent to always be thinking. What is the best route to take between helpless infancy and independent adulthood?

Independence is best built gradually. We want to build such skills as making sound decisions, caring for one's own needs, taking action to meet goals, being responsible for one's own actions, and seeking out the information we need to guide choices. None of these things will develop magically or over night, however. Kids need a range of experiences, from simple to complex, in order to learn these skills. Let's take a quick look at each of these areas.

The ability to make wise decisions, like most of these skills, begins in small ways. We wouldn't dream of turning our young adults loose with out training or instruction in how to weigh alternatives, but many of us neglect the beginnings of the process. Small children need to be allowed to make decisions as soon as they are capable of choosing between two things. This can begin in such simple ways as "Do you want your red or your blue shirt today?" and "It's your turn to choose whether we have corn or green beans for supper." Help the child to see the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each choice, and then allow the kid to choose. Be sure to only offer acceptable choices (or at least ones that you are willing to live with!) so that the child has no chance of making "the wrong choice." As the young one grows, you can allow more and more freedom on increasingly important choices.

Children learn to care for their own needs by experience and practice. It's a common trap for parents to do things for their children long after the youngster has the ability to accomplish the same tasks, simply because it's quicker or easier. However, time spent while kids are young to teach them how to do personal and household tasks is well-spent. Most young children are very motivated to be more mature, and will try very hard to learn these skills. Plus, when the child does finally become proficient, you will have eased your own burden in many ways.

Summer Camp is a wonderful place that challenges your child to become responsible for their stuff and actions. At camp children are supervised but not coddled so clothes left on the floor need to be picked up, their is no maid service. Parents often tell us that the true benefit of summer camp is the increased self confidence and initiative to get chores done around the house.

Findi aSummer Camp at

Picking a Summer Camp

So you have selected the Best Overnight Summer Camp for your child. You did all the research and had your child help in the selection. Yet, preparing for camp involves more than just packing their clothes in a suitcase. You want to be sure that your kid is emotionally prepared for this Summer Camp Adventure.

As parents we want to talk about this amazing thing called camp yet don't do to much of it. Preparing your child is a delicate balance. Kids may seem to loose a sense of reality, and his expectations and fantasies may never be met, leading to disappointment, so be careful not to overdo your chats. In addition, kids could focus on their anxieties so much that it's overwhelming, leading to increased homesick. So if you have a long lead time till camp starts, occasionally bring it up and then in April or May make it a higher priority. As You receive pre-camp brochures and information from camp, share these with your children.

Talking about Summer Camp: Children have incredible radar, and can easily feel your concerns and fears. Carefully select the words you use when talking about camp. Be sure to visit your local library to pick up books and movies about summer camp. Sure, many of these have exaggerated storylines they can produce good conversation. Watch or read them together.

Your child should believe that camp is a fun experience and that is why you have chosen it, so be careful what you might say. Never use camp as a threat or in anger. Do not seem like you're counting the days until your child leaves for camp, even in fun. These words can linger longer than you think, and it will confuse your child about what camp is supposed to be.

Some Dos * Meet the camp director before camp begins.

* Arrange a play date with another camper before camp.

* Do try and arrange a play date with a fellow camper before camp. If this is not possible, try and establish a link through mail, e-mail, or phone.

* Do continue to have short separations, such as sleepovers with family and friends for good practice.

* Encourage verbalizing concerns, regardless of how silly. Many can be easily resolved.

* Talk to an fellow camper about the program. He or she can tell you what you will really need to know and what kids really wear, and do at camp.

Some Don'ts: * Minimize change as camp comes close. Keep things as normal as possible, especially in the time close to the first day.

*Family vacation just prior to camp are not a great idea. Be home for a few days prior to camp. This provide the comfort of a normal routine.

* Don't let your child suspect you have concerns about his adjustment.

These are just a few ideas that can help you as you send your child to Summer Camp for the first time. To learn more be sure to visit Summer Camp Advice

About the author: Jeff Lorenz is the director of Swift Nature Camp a non-competitive, Wisconsin Summer Camp that offers a traditional summer camp for Boy and Girls ages 6-15. Campers enjoy camp activities as they learn at this Science Summer Camp.

Wisconsin Summer Camps

So you are thinking about a Wisconsin Summer Camp for your
child. GREAT! Here are the top 10 questions to ask a summer
camp director. This list was compiled by the American Camp

What's the camp's ideology? Are you comfortable with this ?
Is it a good fit for your child? Is competition or
cooperation emphasized? What religious observances or
practices are part of the program?

How does the camp recruit, screen and train its staff? Do
counselors have criminal background checks? First aid
training? Drug Testing?

What about return rates? How many counselors are returning
this year? How many campers are returning? ask the director
why? Still looking for that perfect camp Check out this Summer
Camps Wisconsin

What's the ratio of counselors to campers? ACA guidelines
for overnight camps call for a 1:6 ratio for ages 7 and 8,
1:8 for ages 9-14; and 1:10 for ages 15-18. Day camp
guidelines call for 1:8 for children ages 6-8; 1:10 for
children ages 9-14; and 1:12 for ages 15-18.

How old are the counselors? The ACA recommends that 80
percent of the staff be 18 or older and that all staffers be
at least 16 and a minimum of two years older than the
campers they supervise.

What about Health Care? Overnight camp have a licensed
physician or registered nurse on the site daily, Day camps
should be have direct phone access. Be sure you are
comfortable that the camp will be able to handle your
child's special health care needs.

How does the camp Punish campers? Know what your summer
camp's rules and regulations. Be sure they match yur
parental thoughts. Know what breaches would send a camper

What is a day at camp like? This will help you know if your
child will find happiness with the level of activity. Is
their choice in selecting activities.

Does the camp have vans for transportation? How often are
camp vehicles inspected? Who will be driving them and what's
the training.

References,References, References Most important, get the
names of parents with children the same age who have
attended the camp. They will tell you what makes camp so

Still looking for that perfect camp Check out this Summer Camps

Still looking for a resource to help you sort out all the
summer camp confusion? Try Summer Camp
Summer Camp in the North woods of Minnesota is more than the pristine beauty of lakes, forests and eagles flying overhead. To me, Summer Camp is another home with another family. But camp isn't just any family or any home, Swift Nature Camp is a specialMinnesota Camp.

This summer home is filled with acceptance, love, encouragement, and true, down to earth friends who you will end up calling your camp family. Your counselors act as parents, older siblings, etc. They are great people to look up to. The campers are great friends for life. You may even end up looking at them as siblings. Acceptance is everywhere, no one kicks you out of the cabin because of who you are. Your uniqueness is celebrated. This is the main reason why I love Swift Nature's so much more than just having fun.

Activities are everywhere at summer camp, there is so much to do. Here are just a few: Archery, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Tubing, and Riflery. You are never bored and active all day long. The counselors help you get better regardless of that your skill level is. All activities are noncompetitive and so we all support each other, rather than worry who is best.

When I think of Swift, I think of trips. I'll never forget the Superior Hiking Trail or going to Ely. What an adventure! I loved the trails, nature, and sights of the forest. It was fun getting to know the other persons that hike with you. The wildlife you see is extremely cool. We saw hawks, bald eagles, deer, ospreys, trout, and carp. This is why I love Minnesota Camps

Life in a cabin is about learning from others and with others. It is becoming a team of understanding. Sure, sometimes we had our fights or minor issues, but almost always they were resolved and we grew closer as a team for them.

I always loved the Nature Center. It is a great place to learn about Nature and the Environment. The Director is always fun and teaches us loads of cool things but its not at all like school. There are all sorts of animals that are fun to observe and hold. One day they even made me feel a little more comfortable when I was homesick.

I'm returning to Swift Nature Camp for all Children's Summer Camp in Minnesota.

About the authors: Swift Nature Camp, a non-competitive, traditional coed Overnight Summer Camp. Boys and Girls Ages 6-15 enjoy nature, animals and science along with traditional camping activities. Swift specializes in programs for the first time camper as well as adventures for teens. Jeff and Lonnie Lorenz have been the owners since 1996. Kids Summer Camp